Monday, September 29, 2008

Whose Economic Team Do You Trust?

Who do you trust in this moment of crisis: McCain or Obama?

It's an important question, and never more important than now. The answer ought to be obvious, but obvious isn't always enough for some voters.

Obama's team of economic advisors is deep and experienced. Paul Volcker, Robert Rubin, Paul O'Neill, Lawrence Lindsay, Warren Buffett. Smart people who've been through economic crises before this one, who have piloted the economy out of bad times and through good times. A Fed Chairman, a couple of former Treasury Secretaries and the wisest investor in America (whose office is in Omaha not on Wall Street.)

McCain's team has few names, and the top one is worrying: Phil Gramm was one of the architects of this current mess.

There are other bumps coming. Whose team will look out for homeowners, families and small businesses?

Phil Gramm called us all a bunch of whiners. McCain has been contradictory about what ought to be done. Loose cannons do not calm financial markets. Does Sarah Palin make you feel secure?

Obama has been very calm, measured and well-informed; is that surprising? He's got a good team that he actually consults.

The Democrats in Congress and a few moderate Republicans are the ones working on this rescue, adding the things Bush forgot to include: protections for homeowners, taxpayer safeguards, re-regulating the insane pay packages and bizarre dealings of Wall Street.

The Republican Party at large, especially in the House, is demanding the same things they always demand: less regulation and business tax cuts. The very things that created this mess.

Who will look out for you and me? Our jobs, our homes, our healthcare, our kids' futures. Once again, it's Democrats. The only thing the Republicans have to herd voters into their column is Fear. They are using whips and cattle prods. Judge for yourself what they have in mind for you.


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