Friday, May 20, 2011

The Strange BFF of Minnesota Republicans

Maybe you think we shouldn't give Bradlee Dean any more attention, but "no-comment" tends to validate his message.

I often listen on weekends when I'm in the car, and my jaw drops. I can't quite describe the spiel. A cross between Jack Van Impe and Father Coughlin, with Ozzy Osbourne and a little bit of gushing twelve year old valley girl thrown in––lots of "hell-O!" and "Wake up Am-merr-ick-A!". There's also the eager sidekick saying amen to everything. Faux evangelism can be riveting.

Here in town we get a couple of hours twice each weekend full of Obama is a Nazi (and/or a Commie), Come-to-Jesus, Gays are stalking our kids, the country is in danger so grab your guns, heed/ignore the Constitution and take back/take down the government. Two full hours of tinfoil hats and bible verses. I've also heard bits of race baiting and Jew hating slipped in, like the accidental disclosure of KKK robes worn under his radio costume. Muslim hating and gay hating are the main agenda. And hatred of our present elected government and the president, lampooned with the familiar racist schtick.

It would be interesting and helpful to get some intelligent analysis of the spiel, the linguistic or rhetorical trickery of it. Why is it so mesmerizing? Why is it attractive? Who does it fool? How can advertisers be comfortable with it? Who is funding this guy? And how has he evaded criticism, not to mention his taxes.

And why the hell is it on radio every weekend? Possibly because it's hypnotically interesting. Like Glenn Beck done by an adolescent boy. But why no local criticism? When filth like this goes out on the air unchallenged a lot of people assume it's because it's valid and true. But it's a familiar flim-flam. An updating of Lonesome Rhodes and Father Coughlin with a heavy metal guitar haircut.

This from a Presbyterian minister, writing in the Pioneer Press ten years ago. Note that there is no mainstream media reporting on this goon.

The alleged Muslim/sharia/homosexual threat:\

The Bradlee Dean spiel linking Obama-Nazis-Muslims-homosexuality-the Holocaust and (in case that isn't interesting enough) saying the execution of gays is a moral act. As Dean himself would say: "Hell-O!"

It doesn't take long with some of these charismatic rockstar "ministers" before you find the actual reason they became a religion. Tax exempt status. Rock and roll doesn't allow you to not pay taxes.

Some youtube video on Dean and his Republican/right wing friendships

Michele Bachmann praying for Bradlee Dean's "ministry" of hate:

If you would rather learn constitutional law from a former drug addict and rock performer than a professor of constitutional law at Harvard, you can enroll in Bradlee Dean's class for $240:

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