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How to Steal an Election

There's important new reporting on the bizarre, unexplained, last-minute 6.7 point shift from Kerry to Bush in 2004. It was a shift that directly contradicted the exit polling. It remains unexplained, and news media have religiously ignored the story. Why does it matter? Bush made Supreme Court appointments whose decisions handed vast powers to corporate campaign donors prior to the 2010 election that handed power back to the Republican Right Wing. Bush also ballooned his deficit and ran the economy into the ground by keeping his hands on the controls for four more years. At some point we need to stop trusting and begin examining. Reporters and news organizations need to report and analyze the information in front of us.

The elections in danger of being rigged or stolen are the close ones. The 2010 elections were close, but uniformly shifted rightward. This one-sided veering of elections dates to 2000. George Bush won his two elections very narrowly. As a Florida computer programmer explains in the testimony linked to below, it is the close elections that can be flipped without being questioned. The 2006 midterms and the 2008 election were not as close, and therefore were not affected.

This spring's election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court was very close, and was narrowly won by the Democratic challenger over incumbent Republican David Prosser...until an election official in suburban Milwaukee, who happened to be a former aide to Prosser, an aide with a checkered history, who had been involved in cases of serious election discrepancies in the past, magically "found" additional votes on her personal computer that she had "forgotten" and had kept "safe" on her personal computer. Prosser was declared the winner, and a subsequent investigation was suppressed by the court on which Prosser now sat. With Prosser on the court, Republican governor Scott Walker was able to solidify his radical measures over the angry protests of citizens. Elections, even rigged ones, have consequences.

Again, it all goes back to 2000. The Republicans bragged about how they would handle the counting of votes.

In this short video a computer programmer testifies under oath to being asked by the Speaker of the Florida legislature to write a program to rig the Florida vote count in 2000. He also testifies to his certainty that there were sufficient anomalies in the 2004 count in Ohio that that vote count was also rigged.

Here is an interview with the Florida programmer.

In 2006 a Utah Republican election official said the Diebold election machines could not be trusted. As a result Diebold was able to get him removed from an office he'd held for 23 years.

Hacking Democracy is a documentary about how the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. This first of nine segments tells how Al Gore received MINUS 16,022 votes in Volusia County.

A description of what happened in Volusia County Florida in 2000. Reported in New Zealand, but not heard very widely in the U.S.

Mark Crispin Miller did some great reporting on the bizarre anomalies in the 2004 election. His articles appeared in Harper's.

The broader media ignored the story, preferring to keep the public placidly uninformed. Here is a lecture he delivered on the subject. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. (Thank you YouTube.)

An interview with Mark Crispin Miller

A pretty fair summary of what happened in recent elections.

Another summary from the UK, explaining the various means of rigging American elections using the voting machinery.

A pretty fair analysis of how election fraud has unfolded in the U.S., not at the hands of individual voters (the target of Republicans trying to suppress the vote) but by the machinery and the officials handling the election.

Analysis from OpEd News in 2004. With many links to academic experts on the technology that was used to steal the 2004 election.

Here's a very chilling summary of the cataclysmic and strangely uninvestigated elections of 2000 and 2004.

To cap it all, there is the mysterious death of a conspirator, Michael Connell, who wanted to testify. Before he died, this IT expert for the Bush Cheney White House, gave a deposition describing what had occurred in Ohio in 2004 and his hand in it. A source said Connell's life had been threatened by Karl Rove.

These concerns seemed moot in 2008. They should worry us again. And it reads like a bestselling thriller.

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