Monday, September 26, 2011

Ugly Suppression of Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

I got this YouTube link from a friend in NY.

Penning the protesters up with orange mesh and then macing them.

Watch it in slow motion.

Pretty awful. Pretty damning.

Why did the MSM cover protests in Cairo and Tripoli but refuse to cover them here?

Five tea party fruitcakes show up in colonial garb carrying a poster showing Obama with a Hitler moustache and it ends up on the national news. They get to trot out their oddball ignorance for the networks.

But thousands of college educated citizens show up to protest Wall Street greed and nobody hears about it.

There is good coverage from the great British newspaper, The Guardian. Wish we had the Guardian here.

Raw Story is now reporting spreading protests across the country. This has the feel of genuine protest, not the astroturf dummied-up phonies of the Tea Party, but real people really mad about real things.

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