Thursday, February 28, 2013

The NRA is arming kids to kill zombies

There was an interesting interview with Tim Dickinson on MSNBC this afternoon. Host Martin Bashir showed us that grade schoolers are the latest target market of the NRA's gun manufacturer clients. The interview included video of kids like Billy next door firing hundreds of rounds in seconds at targets that looked like people. Fun.

The targets weren't the usual paper silhouette of an intruder. They were life-sized human dummies. For the purposes of gun practice they were people. They were realistically made human dummies that began to bleed whenever a shot connected. Bubbling blood from bullet wounds is the new sales technique to the NRA crowd. And these techniques are being pitched at small children. Schoolkids the age of the innocents murdered at Newtown.

To the NRA, which condemned the game industry as despicable, shooting high powered weapons is a game. It's a game designed to tie into the zombie craze, the vampire craze. The NRA is carefully and cannily dehumanizing the humans killed by their products.

One of these target dummies is named The Ex.

It's made of lifelike plastic. It is a blood oozing figure of a woman. Not a man. A woman. The woman is dressed provocatively, the way the exes of angry ex husbands dress in their angriest fever-dreams. What is the message here?

They sell machine guns that come in pink. As far as I know there is no Barbie murder weapon, no Hello Kitty murder weapon. Not yet.

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