Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kiss Up. Kick Down.

Here's an Alternet story about how the U.S. leads the world in child poverty. Should we be proud? (USA! USA! USA!)

If the system is rigged, who's doing the rigging? And how is it rigged? (Here's an article about this very thing.) We expect the poor and vulnerable to outwit their predators, but somehow those of us who are comfortably off and less vulnerable expect full and vigorous protection. How is that fair?

This story from VOX describes how the U.S. bars the poor from safe places to put their earnings and transact their business, leaving them at the mercy of predatory operators like payday loan shops to cash their paychecks. We have an entire class of people unprotected from abusive practices.

In America the motto is Kiss Up and Kick Down. Worship and protect the rich, while abusing and blaming the poor.

How is the Republican Paradise of Kansas treating the poor? Exactly like the Daily Show says they are.

I know. “Don’t worry. I’m doing fine. I have a job. I’m OK. It’s those lazy poor folks causing all the problems.”

Is it? OK, we've covered the Kick Down part where all of us are beating up on the poor. What about the Kiss Up part? I'll let my favorite think tank explain.

Who exactly is offloading their tax burden onto you? Who’s letting you pay for their obligations, infrastructure-wise? Why do we let them get away with it?

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