Sunday, July 05, 2015

More Greek Perspectives (with some humor mixed in)

Germany vs. Greece, the Python Version.

From the NYRB, an interesting essay explaining how austerity policies like those the EU is imposing on Greece are similar to the policies George III imposed on the 13 American colonies. The result then was revolution.

Jeffrey Sachs urges the EU creditors to write down the debt.

Joseph Stiglitz, the views of a Nobel economist.

Kenneth Rogoff explains why the bailout failed. (And this is the fault of both the European creditors and Greece.)

Another worthwhile argument (From the Guardian, the dangers of deficit fetishists)

A thought I’ve been having: how would this work in a family? Most of the children are fine, doing well in school, if grown they’re earning a living. But one child fails in school. How does it help to withhold food from the one who fails in school? Will he stop failing if he has nothing to eat? If he’s refused medical care or family affection?

The perspective of a former “economic hit man”: what is happening to Greece looks a lot like the kind of damage he used to do.

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