Monday, September 21, 2015

A Killer Business Model

Headlining the business news this week is Martin Shkreli, 32 year-old former hedge fund manager and now CEO of his own pharmaceutical company, who bought the rights to a very effective drug used to treat critically ill infants and AIDS patients and promptly jacked up the price per dose by 5500%, raising it from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

Find something people will do anything to get and demand everything they have. That, my friend, is a killer business model. That is what American business has gotten especially good at in the past 30 years, since we learned to jettison all that Compassionate Society crap and finally ditch the New Deal. (Thank you Reaganomics!)

No more of this Jonas Salk giving the patent to the polio vaccine to humanity for free. Jonas Salk was an irresponsible fool––at least that’s the belief of American free market capitalists. Since money is the only measure of truth, they are absolutely right.

Pain and fear of death are wonderful motivators and American business schools keep churning out geniuses who know how to make sure every last fear-driven dime is carefully migrated out of the pockets of the sick and dying and into the pockets of smarter people who deserve it more and will spend it on $200,000 cars and party drugs.

Why do they deserve it more? Because they are Achievers. Because they are willing to go that extra mile. They are willing to do things most human beings would never do because it would make them feel like monsters. These businesspeople are able to turn off the small useless part of the brain that contains kindness, human decency, fellow-feeling, compassion and remorse. Being able to not think about other people makes them the most evolved, the most advanced, the most perfectly lethal form of the human species to date. They are unfeeling moneymaking machines and worth every penny they extort from people in pain.

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