Friday, December 18, 2015

Newsmen Selling Bogus News, Foxes Guarding Henhouses, Non-Profits Rigged For Profit

How the public is brainwashed:

This story is from AutoStraddle.

How the criminals who corrupted the economy and the markets also managed to corrupt the regulatory system put in place to keep them in check:

This story is from Reuters.

How “business think” corrupted one great non-profit, the American Red Cross:

This story is from ProPublica.

Since when are news organizations supposed to disinform the public?

Since when are regulators supposed to cover up crimes?

Since when are aid organizations supposed to keep their money by avoiding their mission?

We live in a far different America than we had 30 or 40 years ago. Both sides say they want to restore America, but it’s clear that the party now led by the guy with orange hair is more intent on driving it further into the ditch.

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