Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Your Daily Trump

Dana Milbank repeats what he wrote six months ago: Trump is a bigot and a racist. He is, always has been, and will be a racist and a bigot if elected. Worth reading.

Josh Marshall explains the Trump grift, which is the aggressive use of his bigger wealth against those with less. He uses his wealth to intimidate those he has cheated and to hypnotize those he looks forward to cheating. The art of the deal is breaking it and threatening anyone who thinks there was a contract. Trump’s counterparties are expected to abide by contracts but Trump, never.

I also read George Will’s Olympian sneer at Trump and at Paul Ryan for having endorsed him. George Will helped create the party that vomited up this nominee. He’s one of Trump’s many creators in the GOP brain trust. Trump is the natural result of what George Will has spent the past decades selling. If you demand a government that can’t and won’t do what the people expect it to do you naturally will nominate a vandal-in-chief to supervise the implosion. I won’t link to Will until he apologizes.

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