Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Trump Presidency Feels Like The Closing Scenes Of Rosemary's Baby

There is an unreal quality to what is happening. The media elites and the triumphant Republicans are urging us to follow coach Bobby Knight's advice from a few decades ago where he said "If rape is inevitable, lie back and try to enjoy it."

We are being urged to see Trump as completely normal, something we just need to get used to. The press is busy normalizing him too. Republicans are gathering round him like so many Franz von Papens, believing they can manage him.

I, meanwhile, feel as if we've wandered into the last scene of Rosemary's Baby. We are Rosemary, betrayed, deceived and exploited, and now being encouraged in a kindly way by a group of very gently spoken and normal-looking Satanists, to try to relax and try to be a mother to this electoral abomination we have given birth to. The Satanists even sound like Trump's loyalists, using the same words. God help us all.

(I hasten to add, Donald Trump is not Satan and he is not Hitler. It's hard to tell with the hair, but he doesn't appear to have horns, and anyone can tell you that he is not a vegetarian.)

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