Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Comfortable Are Americans That Vladimir Putin Has Appointed Our Next President?

"The situation is the most stark challenge to a free people that has arisen in my lifetime. We have political and democratic muscles that have atrophied from disuse that now have to be called upon immediately to rescue the republic no matter how many people find that to be too rowdy and inconvenient for their refined political tempers. We have institutional safeguards that have rusted from neglect, but which still work if we're strong enough to turn the handles. We are in the deep, dark woods now. We all are, in a very real sense, survivalists.”

~Charles Pierce, the most astute political commentator of the day, in Esquire

Read Pierce's whole column here

In 2000 we allowed the Supreme Court to overrule the voters and install a president who was inadequate. At least three major catastrophes came about during his presidency, which a competent president probably would have avoided, and a fourth, climate change, which the president the voters elected, Al Gore, would definitely have confronted head on.

This year we have watched helplessly as fake news stories, armies of angry bigots and, not least, the dictator of Russia have installed a corrupt, dishonest, ignorant and downright dangerous incompetent as our president elect.

Will we do something now?

It was also announced today that President Trump will not be interested in daily intelligence briefings.

If Trump becomes our next president, if the Electoral College fails in its sole constitutional job, to prevent unfit men from occupying our highest office, The White House will have been occupied by these three figures:

2001-2009, NINCOMPOOP (Republican)

2009-2017 SKILLED, WISE LEADER (Democrat)

2017- NINCOMPOOP (Republican)

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