Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Things Republicans Say And Do

A longtime Republican elected official in Greenwich, CT grabbed a 57 year-old constituent by her genitals, saying “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

The two had been having a disagreement. When the woman tried to walk away, Connecticut Republican Christopher von Keyserling, 71, reached his hand between her legs and grabbed her. He reportedly said “it will be your word against mine and nobody will believe you,”

From the Westport, CT Daily Voice

A Georgia Republican county official (white) calls civil rights hero John Lewis a “racist pig” on social media, then goes on to say this: “If you’re easily offended and looking for a ‘safe place’ my page ain’t it.. Move along snowflake.”

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution

What is it about Republicans? Tin ears or loose mouths or deranged minds?

Gov. LePage scolds Rep. John Lewis for not being grateful that white folks freed his ancestors from the slavery white folks kept them in for centuries. This sort of tirade is common for the Maine Governor. LePage is looking forward to Friday when he will no longer be the most offensive elected Republican in America.

From Politico

Then there’s the boilerplate Republican stupidity on policy...

In North Dakota Republicans propose legislation to legalize running protesters down with a car or truck.

From blogger JoeMyGod

In Wyoming Republicans propose a punitive tax on clean energy.

From the Caspar Wyoming Tribune

And then there’s this, in Betsy DeVos’s confirmation hearing for Education Secretary.

Asked why she thought guns should not be banned from schools, she said “Grizzlies.”

From VOX

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