Thursday, February 23, 2017

America Has Lost Its Political Mind (And How To Regain It)

American politics has lost its mind. There are sane pockets, maybe even a sane majority, but that sane part of America lost control in November. White America got conned, not just by Trump but by Putin and by the third parties Putin helped promote with funding and the cynicism created by his disinformation efforts. In an election won by a sliver that sliver was decisive. And the people who were conned will be hard to un-con. People dislike being corrected. Reason and facts have limited power.

The New Yorker's Elizabeth Kolbert writes about the stubbornness of deception

Obama's pollster Cornell Belcher explains how this election was decided by a small sliver of the electorate

USNews on how the liberals and progressives can regain the moral high ground from the Christian Right

WIRED magazine on how Trump wins through the cognitive bias he's a master of

One of the architects of Milo's trolling playbook explains how it has fooled progressives

Hannah Arendt's discussion of how authoritarianism is achieved sounds chillingly relevant today

There’s some hope for fairer elections if we kill gerrymandering. There's this about that in SLATE

Meanwhile, postcards, phone calls, town meetings, daily letters. Michael Moore's TEN DAILY TASKS

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