Saturday, March 18, 2017

Diagramming Trump's ties to the Kremlin

Remember, remember the Eighth of November
The Kremlingate Treason and Plot
I see no reason the Kremlingate Treason
Should Ever Be Forgot

We’ve never had to worry if an American president was actually a Russian puppet. This has never happened before. It has happened now with the full eager cooperation of the Republican Party.

Here are the Trump/Russia connections broken into understandable parts. From POLITICO

Keep an eye on Rep. Eric Swalwell (D/CA). He is demanding full independent investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia and how these ties corrupted our election. From the LATimes

Swalwell’s got his own diagrams of the Trump/Russia connections

Rachel Maddow has spent several of her evening programs detailing these links. The bank in Cyprus co-owned by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and a money-laundering Russian mobster who has also funneled tens of millions of dollars directly to Trump. The disturbing links with Trump’s deeply indebted businesses also lead to Azerbaijan and to the terrorist-funding, money-laundering Republican Guard in Iran. (Far more interesting than the 2 pages of Trump’s taxes, but those taxes shown in full may disclose how corrupt this man is.)

I recommend watching Rachel's programs on Kremlingate

Benedict Arnold’s name is trending.

Malcom Nance calls Trump a B.A. at Salon

I urge Congress to hurry because the witnesses who might shed light on the Russian scheme keep dying mysteriously. This is from the Independent.

Now there's this story from Reuters news service about how Russians oligarchs close to Putin have invested $100 million in Trump real estate.

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