Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Follow The Rubles, Follow The Lies

Follow the Money. The key to what the Russians wanted might be found in the firing of Preet Bharara and the quick settlement of the Prevezon case after the firing, on Russia’s terms. (Their words.) The motivation supplied to Trump came in over a decade of many millions of rubles pouring into Trump Inc.

A VOX interview with a Russia Expert who says the answer is in the money that changed hands. Russian money kept Trump from being a business failure.

Follow the Kompramat: apparently much of the Steel Dossier Republicans are trying to discredit has already been corroborated.

The article on SLATE

(By the way, it wasn’t created at the request of or by Democrats. It was commissioned by Republicans, created by a respected former MI6 professional and handed to the FBI by a top Republican, John McCain.)

The Facebook aspect of Russian spying, explained by POLITICO.

Non-Linear Warfare and the Russians:

A short video on Vladislav Surkov, Putin's magician

The inventor of non-linear warfare––Vladislav Surkov, a profile in The Atlantic.

If a foreign enemy wanted to destroy the U.S. this is how they might do it. Worst case scenario laid out in The Atlantic. And in fact, it is a worst case scenario. Install a presidency whose intention is to degrade and destroy all of our democratic systems, all of our safeguards, all of our laws, all of our public trust, all of our global standing. Mission Accomplished!

If Putin or anyone wanted to destroy faith in our president they couldn’t pick a better liar to install than Donald Trump, liar par excellence. He’s been lying for decades about his Russian connections and his Russian money flow.

From David Corn at Mother Jones

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