Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tricking The Poor Makes Surefire Television Entertainment

CBS has come up with a surefire ratings winner. Every American enjoys watching poor people squirm! Everybody finds tricking the poor very amusing! Fun for the whole family!

(Read the story in New York Magazine)

The BBC has something similar going in in David Cameron’s UK, where mocking the poor is a popular sport. This "reality program" is being compared to the Hunger Games. I guess fiction is reality.

(You can read this story in The Independent)

(The BBC defends its programming decision, but the Guardian doesn't buy it.)

Desperate people will never disappoint! They’ll do anything, degrade themselves in all kinds of unexpected ways, and all for our entertainment!

It’s like junior high, where there were always a few creeps who enjoyed teasing the special needs students. Those same creeps seem to have found a home in network programming.

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