Thursday, July 09, 2015

Working for a Living Vs. Owning for a Living

Jeb Bush said something odd yesterday: he said that our economy will do better if American workers will only work longer hours. Spoken like someone who owns for a living. The number of working people with jobs divided by those same workers working longer hours equals fewer jobs. It’s not that Bush is stupid, or that he is unable to think. His problem is he thinks like his money. His money thinks all problems should be solved to the benefit of money and people who have lots of it.

This from Bill Moyers. Lest anyone think Bernie Sanders is outside the American mainstream, he’s actually in the middle of it, historically. Unless you think every cooperative effort from barn raising to Social Security is unAmerican...

From The Guardian's George Monbiot: The Greek crisis is just a repetition of the age old conflict between people who work for a living (the 99%) and people who own for a living, between labor and capital. When it comes to money, capital always writes the rules.

The always perceptive and clearheaded David Cay Johnston writes about how venture capitalists loot pension funds. It’s a shame it’s in Al Jazeera where it will never persuade those it needs to persuade.

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