Thursday, June 23, 2016

Your Daily Trump

I realize I'm not posting these every day, but the news items come out every day, several each day, and the title is catchy. Will it keep him from being nominated at the convention? Maybe. If it does there will be mayhem. The mob doesn't care if he's a swindler or a liar or a thief or a rapist (that's the newest story).

The Gothamist, out of NY, reports that Trump is being sued for the alleged violent rape of a 13 year-old girl in 1994. He also allegedly threatened to kill her and her family if she ever spoke about it.

Trump’s bankruptcies: his companies tanked but he pocketed lots of money. Is this true? Politifact says yes it is.

Trump’s campaign seems to be paying a lot of its money to Trump himself. What a con trick. WinningDemocrats has the details.

Trump’s mob connections? Well known.

Reported by CNN.

Verified by Politifact.

Trump’s “christian” backers are from that wing of Christianity that says Jesus favored the rich.

The Daily Beast has the story on this, but there are other reports readily available. Trump will roll Christians as readily as he will roll gamblers at his casinos. And the Christians he rolls with are con men of a similar type.

Minnesota Public Radio is reporting that one of Trump's top “christian” advisors is Michele Bachmann. You kind of wonder. Does she support Trump because she thinks he’ll bring the end of the world? Possibly, because when the world ends, Jesus will come, or so she believes. Which may explain how bizarre and deranged her ideas are. Planned catastrophe in the name of her savior. Like throwing your children in front of a car or off a bridge so Jesus will save them. A dangerous kind of psychopath.

This bizarre idea of Bachmann's is may represent another plan to fulfill one of her favorite biblical prophesies. Place America in such imminent danger that wiser heads will step in, allowing her to point and say “See? The Antichrist. Just like the Bible says.” Bushwa. LeftWingNation has the audio of Michele discussing Obama's evil plan in a radio interview.

CBSNews is quoting former first lady Barbara Bush: “I don’t know how women can vote for Trump.”

To balance all of the white haired Republican ladies in their pumps and pearls, we have the millions of Trump’s other more unpleasant followers. From the New Republic.

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