Saturday, September 24, 2016

Your Daily Trump––Is Trump A Fascist Or Just Pretending To Be One?

To start off, here's an appetizer: A Reddit list of reasons why Trump is a fascist.

The media didn’t report on the corruption of the Trump Foundation because it was too hard. Not true, actually. It’s been right there in plain sight.

A story so simple to explain it can be done in a Twitter feed.

Trump has taken millions in campaign contributions and paid himself via his companies. This is a new kind of shell game.

Vanity Fair on how your friends' contributions have wound up in Trump's pocket.

One law professor believes if Trump is elected, he could be impeached before he’s sworn in. He cites racketeering levels of corruption.

Reported by Daily Kos.

Samantha Bee examines how the lake of hog shit called FoxNews contaminated the aquifer of truthful information. That cocktail brought us Donald Trump.

Sam Bee nails it in a few hilarious minutes.

Hillary is supposedly “secretive” (a meme trademarked by FoxNews, so you know it’s true) Well, Trump is a brick wall. Reported by SLATE.

This WW2 vet doesn’t appreciate Trump’s insult to people who served in our wars.

Watch the short video here: Via The Tablet.

Ralph Nader on the danger of Donald Trump

If you don't believe me, listen to the guy who gave us eight years of Bush.

And in an interview with Amy Goodman he explains that Trump is a "Freeloading, Pontificating Empty Suit Who Has Cheated on Everything He's Done"

Nader via Democracy Now.

Yes, the presidential campaign has gone insane. For months the news media has ignored insane and tried to cover up the bigotry and hate and corruption of Donald Trump. The result? It’s like ignoring cancer hoping it will go away or turn out to be enjoyable.

The insanity diagnosis from American Prospect.

But we don’t need to worry because the sane voters will outvote the insane ones. Especially the people of color. But wait… the GOP has a plan to prevent those people from voting because their name happens to be Brown or Garcia.

If Trump is elected it may be because Trump's GOP reached out to black voters and prevented them from voting. From Rolling Stone.

I’ve been struggling to find one decent thing that might result from Donald Trump’s campaign. This might be it. Anne Coulter has said she would die for Donald Trump. If I were less of a mensch I’d say “Good idea.” Still, the most loathsome voice in this election season is a Trump worshipper. That’s a good reason to stop the guy.

Reported by the DC political paper The Hill.

Of course Coulter's promises may be as unreliable as Trump's.

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