Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Your Daily Trump––How Did America Fall In Love With Putin's Candidate?

We used to admire people like Hillary Clinton. No woman has topped Gallup’s most admired list as many times as she has. And there are reasons for that. There is one reason her positives have gone down: She announced her candidacy. There are people in the world who hate the idea of a woman president, and hate all Democrats. Those people own networks and newspapers and have a ready audience. So the smear began. We should admire someone who could endure that, someone willing to endure that. We used to admire guts and endurance and unflappability and grace under pressure. What’s happened to us that we no longer admire admirable people but suddenly are entranced by a con man and a liar?

The National Observer examines the anti-Hillary prejudice and how we now hate what we once admired.

A lot of the negative feeling about Hillary has been manufactured by FoxNews. They would have smeared anyone they thought was likely to win the Democratic nomination. This has been the Republican approach for years: go after the opposing side's strongest candidate.

What’s weird is the Republican Party and Fox are suddenly allied with the Russians. Why? Because they prefer fascism and don't mind U.S. submission to a Russian dictator? They think that’s better than electing a Democrat. They will collude with an enemy dictator if it helps them gain power.

Why does Wiki Leaks only target Hillary Clinton? For the same reason Roger Ailes targeted her.

The Russia/GOP/Wikileaks alliance explained at VOX.

Because she’s the strongest presidential candidate we have. Assange wants to pull the whole U.S. government down. His sponsors, the Russians, also his sources on this information, want to pull the U.S. down. Hillary Clinton would oppose that. Assange and Putin would like our security agencies dissolved. Hillary opposes that. And she’s the strongest choice for president. Assange and Putin oppose that.

She’s the sane one, the experienced one, the competent one, the one who’d strengthen Russia’s age-old enemy, the U.S.

Remember Wikileaks hacked information about the DNC and the Clinton campaign. They didn’t leak anything about Trump because Trump is their guy. The Russians own Trump. He owes them millions.

He’s gotten almost as many millions from the Russians as he has leeched out of the pockets of U.S. taxpayers. This story is worth reading. American Prospect reports on Trump the Parasite Who Lives Off the Taxpayer.

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