Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Is Crown Prince Jared a Russian Asset?

We learned from the Times that Jared, the deputy POTUS and dauphin of the United States, met with Sergey Gorkov during the transition.

Gorkov, graduate of KGB University and now chairman of the bank used to run Russia's spy ring in New York, is also Putin's Secretary of Money Laundering and a made man in the Russian mob.

Jared forgot to mention his meeting with Gorkov, but then Jared never had to be confirmed in his present role as "Person In Charge Of Everything" for our government. So nobody asked. It was his and Sergey's little secret.

Jared now holds a portfolio of responsibilities for “reimagining” our entire economy and government, with no visible staff to accomplish those things…

Does he need a staff? Of course he does. Does he have a staff? Of course he doesn't.

Is it possible that Jared’s staff is operating out of a Russian office building somewhere. That Jared’s “re-imagining” is a euphemism for reconfiguring our free system to be more like Russia’s unfree system, or to function subserviently to the Russian system.

Is Russia reimagining America to suit Russia's goals for us? Is the Trump administration being as helpful as it looks?

It appears that President [sic] Trump is grooming his son-in-law to be the next President Trump.

It appears that Vladimir Putin may be grooming Jared to be Asset 1A+. (The Russian asset in New York that Preet Bharara's prosecution cited, and Rachel Maddow discussed last night, and BuzzFeed wrote about, is called "Male1" and we now know that Male1 is Carter Page, Trump's foreign policy advisor during the campaign.)

How vulnerable is our system to this kind of thing. Pretty vulnerable as long as the people running the new administration are fanatically devoted to deconstructing it and blowing it up.

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