Friday, October 06, 2017

How to Disprove Inconvenient Truths

There is a great way to disprove something.

Murder the witnesses.

This is what the Mob has done for decades.

I get the feeling that the Republicans have taken their “can’t be true because I can’t bear it” equals “isn’t true because I refuse to find out” mindset and moved into full "disprove by discrediting and eliminating" mode.

I refer to the so-called brick wall and the Steele Dossier detailing Trump's involvement with the Russians. We learned about the Steele Dossier months ago, shortly after John McCain obtained a copy and gave it to the FBI.

After this happened certain Republicans set about discrediting the FBI. Then there were public statements about the Russian attack on our election aimed at electing Trump.

While this was going on earlier this year, the news reports and official reports presented to prove the charges were used as a roadmap for the assassins to rub out the witnesses.

Would it be possible to diagram the relationship between the “best practices” official findings distributed earlier in the year about who/how/where/when the Russians hacked our democracy and the subsequent and simultaneous baffling decease of key Russians who knew the who/how/what/where/when of the Russian election hack by mysteriously jumping from high windows or being gunned down on Moscow streets near the Kremlin, etc.?

Now the American intel community is showing prudent reluctance to explain too much about what they know, not wanting more witnesses murdered. And Republicans are turning this caution into a kind of disproof.

Sen. Grassley and South Carolina Rep. Draco Malfoy have begun to act as someone would act if they were under the supervision of the Russians.

Grassley turns “Don’t want to know”

into “Must not figure out”

into “This must not be true”

into “Whoever is saying these terrible things about Republican collusion with America’s Russian friends must be removed”

into “Whoever is saying that Republicans are conspiring with foreign enemies must themselves be guilty of conspiring with foreign enemies.”

Which is a bit like arresting, torturing into confession, and quickly hanging in secret the person who phoned the police to report a Mob execution.

“Whoever is accusing or suggesting that Republicans conspired with the Russian government to subvert our election MUST THEMSELVES BE GUILTY OF CONSPIRING WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT!!!!

It’s called “projection”.

Legitimate news reports that accuse Trump of anything MUST be fake news and it’s much better to accept and believe the fake news supplied by the Russians to deliver the White House to Trump.

Or as we might call him “No Puppet!” Trump, who is also behaving exactly the way a Russian puppet would behave. Trump has also spent his entire life turning accusations around into accusations against his accusers. “I’m no puppet! No puppet! You’re the puppet!"

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