Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The Unholy Cult of Trump

As the White House gets weirder and the stink of corruption and treason gets stronger the superChristians only get louder in their praise for Donald Trump. God help us.

From the LATimes: Trump’s base believes he is their blessed savior sent by God. We are being governed by a cult leader who believes this… All the elements of cult worship are there.

A leading Trump-supporter, pastor, and conservative writer for the Federalist says God was answering the prayers of the victims of the bloody Texas church massacre by letting them be murdered. Reported by RawStory

This was also the story told Monday on Fox And Friends––which is Trump’s daily briefing on events, the source he always believes and parrots––that this is how every good Christian would want to die, gunned down in a church where he or she is close to God.

Video here

From Newsweek we get the following disturbing confirmation that the White House is becoming a weird cult...

“…The man who advises President Donald Trump’s nine fundamentalist Cabinet members has shared his favorite superstitions, including that Earth was created in six days, that women can’t teach men, that the U.S. government is required by God to “moralize a fallen world through the use of force” and that Trump is “an adjudicator of wrongdoing.”

"Ralph Drollinger, a former NBA player who founded Capitol Ministries (CapMin) 20 years ago, preaches a flinty fundamentalism that dispenses with Jesus’s teachings about compassion, love and tolerance in favor of a more tribal, Old Testament world view in which God disapproves of government aid to the poor, and of liberals in general."

From the Daily Beast we get a frightening inside look at the "superChristian" life of the Walmart Killer. He lived alone with a stack of Bibles and no furniture...

From The New York Times we learn that some of the Russian paid ads on Google and Twitter told Americans that voting for Hillary meant voting for Satan

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