Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sarah Palin Related To European Royalty

It's shocking to discover that Sarah Palin's family tree, far from being as lowly as yours and mine, actually contains links to the ancient aristocratic bloodlines of European royalty and the effete, ascot-wearing offspring of the old East Coast rich. She's a toff, a blue-blood. She is, my friends, an elitist. Fundamentally so.

This may explain why she loves fur and enjoys shooting wildlife from airplanes instead of with the aid of ordinary pickup truck headlights like the rest of us. Why she holes up at her country residence instead of getting all dirty and lowdown with her state's elected politicians. When asked why she was suddenly opposing the investigation of her abuses of power while governor, Palin said either "L'etat, c'est moi"* or "Let them eat cake" depending on which story you've heard.

The question now is, do we curtsey to her? Does she expect us to curtsey to her? If we don't curtsey to her will she sick her Alaskan bully-boys on us?

(* Translation from the French: We don't need no stinking badges.")


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