Friday, April 27, 2012

The Republican War on Christian Values

There's an interesting piece on MotherJones today. Apparently some Catholics have figured out that the Ryan budget (and the Republican Party behind it) are waging a war against Christ's teachings. It's hard to square this with the prevailing view that the Republicans are the Christian party.

Instead of promoting and repeating the bogus FoxNews "War on Religion" meme, the news media should be reporting the righteous outrage of Christians (and humanists) over the very real Republican war on the poor.

One of the first things we learned in Sunday School was that Jesus demanded that his followers care for the poor and the sick, but the Republican agenda is vigorously anti-poor and anti-sick. How can they pretend to be Christian? Christianity is more than a haircut and a cross pin on the lapel.

Some conservatives try to argue that helping the poor doesn't help them at all because it discourages self sufficiency. Tell that to the parent working three jobs below minimum wage, who still cannot make ends meet. Thrift and enterprise require a minimal level of income, which the poor don't have. As Winston Churchill put it "There is no thrift without hope."

Maybe the Republicans should worry more about the very rich, the Paris Hiltons of this world, the people who earn more in an hour than you and I earn in a year, who earn those millions without working at all. There are some glaring inconsistencies on the Republican side of the argument, but the supposedly "liberal" news media is afraid to report them. When the truth is on one side a phony balance is a lie.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vulture Capitalist for President

This article from the Village Voice tells the story of one thriving company that got the Romney treatment. In the heyday of the mafia, when the mob took over a company they sucked out the cash and the value, took the pension fund, and drove the company into the ground. This business model was learned well by vulture capitalists like Mitt Romney.

Friday, April 20, 2012

European Dead Enders

Krugman has some things to say about the dead end economic policies of the Europeans. And you can read it in the Sacramento Bee without using up one of your ten monthly free NYTimes visits.

At least with Europeans you don't get the feeling they are trying to destroy the world so Jesus will come.

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