Thursday, January 08, 2015

A New Birth of Racism

Every day brings another uptick in the continued renaissance of racism in this country.


When will news media and commentators begin putting this in historic context? How does it fit into the long history of racism in America, and where has that racist belief system gravitated? Where does it find its home today? Who are today’s racists and who is cultivating them?

Another question:

If today’s congressional Republicans were transported back to 1861 would they support Abraham Lincoln or would they support the Confederacy?

I’ve come to believe Lincoln was lucky to have the South secede. Today’s racists and states’ rights fanatics control Congress and the Supreme Court. Today’s Confederacy has the full muscular support of Wall Street. If the Civil War were to be refought today (and in many ways it is) the Confederacy would win handily.

If today’s Republicans were opposing Lincoln (and they would) they would call him a pathetic failure because half the nation seceded in response to his inauguration.

But nobody in the opinion business seems inclined to write about this curious similarity between today’s GOP and the old Confederacy.

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