Monday, July 18, 2016

Your Daily Trump: Republican Convention Edition

As the white mob known as the Republican Party gathers in Cleveland, let's take a few moments to consider their new standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

Let's begin with the episode where Trump mocks a reporter with disabilities.
Klassy with a KKK.

Reported by MotherJones.

Here's a useful list of the ugly facts about Donald Trump. They had to stop at 141 because of space.


Some of our most respected historians break their rule about commenting on current political figures to deplore and condemn Donald Trump. Why? Because they think he is a danger to our nation.

Ken Burns, David McCullough and others launched a Facebook page to make their concerns public.

This is the alternative. In a few decades’ time historians may look back and wonder what possessed us. Has America lost its mind?

Historian Ian Kershaw revisits the failure of news media at the time to recognize and fully report the ugly truth about Adolf Hitler. In the Guardian.

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