Saturday, August 06, 2016

Your Daily Trump: Is The Candidate Dangerously Insane?


Wall Street Journal writer and former Reagan wordsmith Peggy Noonan thinks Trump is insane.

The Daily Beast discusses the history of similar insanity in the Republican Party.

Incompetent or stupid?

Newsweek lists all of Trump's business failures. The list is long.

The National Review (our most respected conservative magazine) does the same.


USAToday sorts through the thousands of lawsuits Trump has been involved in. A lot of them involved people who he'd hired but refused to pay. No major party presidential nominee has ever been involved in so many nasty legal actions as Trump. Not even close.


TIME magazine asks why Trump is sleeping with so many Russians, and who is on top?

Insulting toward key U.S. allies?

The Daily Telegraph, the UK's conservative newspaper, reports how Trump has now decided to insult the Japanese.

Contempt for the U.S. Constitution?

SLATE reports how Trump rallies are now boo-ing people who hold up copies of the U.S. Constitution. That document used to be holy writ in the Republican Party.

Con Man? (We knew this already.)

SLATE reports how people contributing to Trump's campaign find that the campaign website makes it impossible to stop the campaign from taking the same amount from your checking account every month forever.

Why is he still popular? Are some voters stupid or insane too?

The American Conservative examines the phenomenon of poor, ignorant, white people who vote Republican.

RawStory reports that it isn't the whiteness or the relative poverty that makes someone a Trump supporter. It's the ignorance and insanity.


Bloomberg lists the many shady business partners and business deals that litter Trump's past––and his present.

If Trump is vindictive, how would he perform if given control of our legal system?

NPR asks what kind of kick-ass Justice Department Trump might appoint? And whose asses might they kick?

If Trump is insane or irrational how should he be given unlimited control of our nuclear arsenal?

Politico paints a scary picture of President Trump with his new toy, the nuclear arsenal.

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