Thursday, August 11, 2016

Your Daily Trump––Why "Just Kidding" Doesn't Work This Time

Why Trump was not “just joking” about gun owners assassinating Hillary.

An explanation in a series of tweets, from Mother Jones.

Henchman Rudy Giuliani explains it another way: if Trump wanted Hillary killed he’d order it done. Giuliani emphasizes that if he did so he would be doing the right thing. Reported by The Gothamist, with video.

Rolling Stone on the Trump command to fire when ready

Trump’s “shoot my opponent” joke is called Stochastic Terrorism. Unfortunately this is a word his supporters can’t pronounce. From BlueNationReview.

Meanwhile, most elected Republicans are refusing to walk away from Trump, despite everything. At some point we may have to rename Paul Ryan Paul von Hindenburg. For the GOP, though, there is no history prior to Ronald Reagan.

An open letter to Paul Ryan by Kurt Eichenwald in Newsweek sets out the dangerous outcomes Ryan's continued fealty would lead to.

Con games are about numbers that do not add up. Trump’s economic plan is a con. The Economist, the conservative bible of people with money, weighs in

The business-conservative WSJ’s conclusions about the party Trump ate

There’s talk of finding a way to ditch Trump before November and run somebody else instead… [Cue the armed revolt]

From Vox

From Bloomberg and ABCNews

The Atlanta Journal Constitution says a Georgia Elector (as in Electoral College) is considering refusing Trump his Electoral Vote if he wins the state.

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