Thursday, September 01, 2016

This Election Is Beginning To Feel Like A Horror Movie

The New York Times has had to walk back its article describing a kinder gentler Trump.

What is the problem with the Gray Lady? Are they writing their political coverage in advance? Are they trying to make this an even race?

They are covering this election as if we have two equal evils to choose from. This is the perverse and extreme result of their gymnastic adjustments to make every story fully balanced.

If science is given thirty seconds, superstition must be given equal time.

If tolerance and decency is given a column on the front page, then bigotry and violent hate must be given a full column alongside.

Honesty and competence must not be weighted more favorably than dishonesty and incompetence.

If a journalist believes consensus scientific findings then he is unfairly biased. If a reporter believes the truth and rejects a lie she is biased and prejudiced against liars.

I’ve been commenting that most of the media are behaving like the foolish teenage girl in the horror movie who’s having a trivial spat with her best friend on the phone while the homicidal monster is climbing in her bedroom window. Who should she be confronting? Hillary, the best friend she's occasionally annoyed with, or Trump, the monster climbing in the window. I think she should be unfriending the monster, but that’s just me, and I’m biased.

What’s disturbing is how half of America seems to be rooting for the homicidal monster.

I guess we tend to do that while we’re watching a horror movie. Americans love horror movies.

Americans are losing the ability to distinguish between reality and horror fiction. What kind of future does that foretell?

The Contrarian Blogger thinks Americans are exactly that stupid.

What we are facing is a choice between the familiar, which may frustrate and annoy us but is fundamentally OK and might actually be much better than OK, and an ugly dystopia of jackboots and deportation camps and race war and inequality-on-speed.

Kurt Eichenwald on the real threat to America, (It isn't HRC, it's DJT and the GOP.)

SALON explains this new extreme right surge called the Alt-Right

Mother Jones sits down with blue collar Trump supporters.

Mother Jones reports on the hard-right, racist, anti-semitic, woman-haters now in charge of the Trump campaign.

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