Thursday, September 08, 2016

Your Daily Trump––The Corruption The Media Doesn't Bother To Report On

Trump’s long history of corruption is well documented. Why do voters not care about this? Why do news organizations ignore this?

From the Washington Post Plum Line column. Their headline tells the story: "Trumps history of corruption is mind-boggling, so why is clinton supposedly the corrupt one/?" In Trump's "bible" the proverb is "he who throws the first stone is usually believed."

Faced with lawsuits over his Trump University [sic], which was a scheme to defraud students, Trump bribes Florida and Texas AG’s to back off.

The Orlando Sentinel Broke this story last week.

In Texas a former staffer in the Attorney General's office says Trump got them to back off in the same way. CBS reports.

James Fallows reports on the Trump Florida bribery case in the Atlantic.

At Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall gives his analysis, calling it about as clear cut a case of corruption as you can find.

If you watch the news you have sat through endless stories about empty and disproven allegations against the Clinton Foundation. But you have not seen much about Trump’s Foundation, which doesn’t deserve the name, barely giving any money to any worthwhile cause. Trump did use large checks from his foundation to persuade the attorney general of Florida to back off on the lawsuit over the Trump University fraud scheme.

The media is focused on pulling down the decent and honest candidate and covering up for the corrupt and dishonest one.

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