Thursday, September 29, 2016

Your Daily Trump––Lazy, Unprepared, Cruel, Abusive, Evasive, Dishonest, UnAmerican

Trump stiffs people, doesn’t pay his bills. Reported by The Wall Street Journal.

And, in case you think you are hallucinating this damning story in the WSJ, here is the same thing reported by USAToday.

Trump has offshored American jobs, while bragging about doing the opposite.

The Washington Post has a list of the foreign countries where Trump's products are made. I suspect they have their American flag sewn on at the same foreign sweatshops.

Trump has a long history of cruelty toward people he has in his power. Reported in the Atlantic.

Trump makes people afraid and anxious. The problem called Trump Anxiety was reported in SLATE.

Trump used all the familiar tactics of the abuser during the debate on Monday. Trump's familiar pattern is explained at EverydayFeminism.

According to his campaign staff, Trump was too lazy to prepare for the debate. Too lazy, unable to concentrate, short attention span, ignorant, unwilling or unable to do the work. And this is the candidate of one of our major parties. And he is close in the polls. What does this say about the Republican Party? A well-sourced report by VOX.

Trump resents people checking his “facts”. records the defensiveness of the Trump staff.

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