Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Choice is Hillary or The Bigoted Authoritarian Con Man Working For Russia

Some pollsters are saying the Democratic side is losing energy and millennials are growing uncertain. If Trump is elected millennials will be living in the world Trump creates.

First, the story that just broke about Russia. It’s been mentioned but never fleshed out. It appears Trump has been cultivated for several years as a Russian asset. You don’t want POTUS to be a Russian puppet. Hillary was right about that.


From TheHill

From David Corn at MotherJones

SLATE reporting on the suspicious cyber-alliance between Trump and Russians

Michael Tomasky reports on the slew of stories about Trump that broke yesterday. Any of which would have destroyed a normal candidate.

Why has the FBI been silent on this stuff while it goes public on non-stories about Hillary? Maybe because it sees how important its role will be in Trump's new police state.

The Economist magazine has listed a Donald Trump presidency as one of the ten worst global threats.

Via Politico

Trump doesn’t keep his word or pay his bills

From Vanity Fair. Trump didn't like what his pollster was telling him so he hasn't paid him for his work.

A comprehensive list of Trump’s corruption

From VOX

If you are worried about email problems, consider that Trump deliberately hid or destroyed thousands of documents and emails while he was under court order.

Reported by NEWSWEEK

A reporter for the Economist takes his family to a Trump rally, where they see and hear pretty much the same foul hate and bigotry and misogyny that’s been reported. This will be our children’s world if he wins.

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