Thursday, October 20, 2016

Your Daily Trump––He's Wrong In So Many Ways


Trump's ugly, disastrous and malicious business history, reported in Newsweek by Kurt Eichenwald.


VOX reports on how Trump has put bigotry and hate back into the American mainstream.

USUncut reports on the death threats directed at a Republican newspaper that endorsed Hillary.


Michael Tomasky imagines a Trump non-concession concession speech.


In Colorado Springs a high school paper endorses Hillary. From the reaction they got you'd think they'd endorsed Satan.


Slate reports on John McCain's promise to block all court nominees made by Hillary Clinton.

(The GOP is behaving like a former boyfriend that decides to kill their ex so no one else can have her.)


The Independent, in England, reports on the assassination talk in the Trump camp.


Slate reports on the last debate, where Donald Trump showed how incapable, undisciplined, overreactive and irrational he is.


The Catholic bishops have urged all good Catholics oppose Trump.

And with no plans to exit the stage...

Trump has failed big many times but has always managed to escape with the money in a suitcase. The scenario this time is to set up a permanent cable and radio network of hate and bigotry. It would make FoxNews look like Murrow's CBS.

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