Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump Supporters Are Openly Discussing Assassination

Then there is this video story, reported in the Wall Street Journal, of all places.

The Trump juggernaut may be shrinking, but it remains heavily armed and very angry. The alternative course they are discussing, if Trump is not elected president, is for "true patriots” to assassinate President Hillary Clinton.

Politics have reached a dangerous point.

Eight years ago, as President Obama was being inaugurated, Republican leaders met at a Washington D.C. restaurant and swore to oppose everything he proposed and block every person he appointed.

In the antebellum South this was called Nullification. Slave states that didn’t like federal laws limiting the rights of slaveowners and slave traders would simply ignore those federal laws, and ignore any federal courts that upheld them.

In a way, Obama faced what Lincoln faced. When Lincoln became president half the country seceded. That clarified Lincoln’s predicament. But most of these past eight years the modern nullifiers remained in control of Congress, disguising their racism as principle, defying the Constitution while worshiping it, serving in government while actively trying to degrade and destroy its functioning, pouring sand in the works, stirring people’s fear and hatred of our democratic institutions and urging defiance.

When Lincoln's armies won the Civil War, the South was absorbed back into the Union but it remained the same. The treasonous leaders of the rebellion were not hung, they were appointed to head universities. When the South successfully re-suppressed the black majority those Confederate leaders became governors and senators. The new Jim Crow South was, in many places, worse than it had been under slavery.

The United States government did not hang the traitors who had led the rebellion, but one of their embittered followers did assassinate Lincoln.

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