Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bachmann's Non-Apology Ad

The oddest thing about this Bachmann ad is the fuzzy, Mommy-loves-you tone of it. Is this a serious political ad or an invitation to try some new personal hygiene product? Is it a prayer site or a singles site? Her inflections are so carefully intimate, so caressing and personal, you wonder about her intentions towards you. It's uncomfortable to watch the ad with other people in the room. Laughter helps.

Have you ever trusted someone who talked to you this way? Is it the break-up tenderness? Or is it the tone of the sympathetic mortician? Is she the shady loan officer who wants to be your friend? Maybe she's trying for the oh-so-kind voice of the caring professions, but her policies are all about caring for large companies and leaving individuals unprotected. Whether it's healthcare protection or legal protection or job protection or reproductive protection or protection from government spying, the only protection Bachmann prescribes for regular folks is prayer. But not just any kind of prayer. Her prayer, her church, her kind of people, her specific belief-system taught at the Church of God-Will-Make-You-Rich. "Listen to me and you too can live in a house like mine." Or is she showing us a vision of Heaven? Tasteful, quiet, gentle colors, soft carpeting, nice clothes, and sweet voices. Is this a vision we should vote for?


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