Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Your Daily Trump––Trump & Rudy

Is Trump’s Plan B to capture a large segment of America and imprison them in an endless loop of hatred and lunacy? He’d find lots of investors. I’m guessing Roger Ailes will run it for him.

Vanity Fair reports on Trump's plan to become a TV network

Does the First Amendment protect deliberate lies?

The Atlantic sorts out this tricky issue.

Are liberals to blame for Trump? You’re joking...

The New Republic debunks this notion.

What we’ve learned about Trump supporters this past week

Reported by the New Yorker.

Trump and Giuliani as you’ve never seen them before. (Shared by my old editor at SPY)

Trump and Rudy on YouTube, where else?

Trump is already ordering his stormtroopers to intimidate voters on election day.

Trump's brownshirt plan reported by the LATimes.

From a year ago: Scientific America’s three part series examining the psychology of Trump supporters

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