Monday, October 03, 2016

Your Daily Trump––Fascism and Insanity

The question is How can any decent sane person be voting for Trump?

Psychology Today examines the strange psychology of the Trump supporter.

Some months ago I said the Republican ticket would be Dunning/Kruger.

Politico explains the Dunning Kruger Effect as it embodies the Trump faithful: the more ignorant people are the more intelligent they think they are.

It’s called the Alt Right. As if it’s equivalent to non dairy creamer. It’s fascism and racism at its purest and most evil. And it’s all for Trump.

The Week reports on the Alt Right's devotion to Trump.

Raw Story: "Every Nazi I know is campaigning for Trump"

In the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, Trump discussed how he “could have nailed her” on national radio.

Daily Kos listens to an old conversation Trump had with Howard Stern.

Trump routinely, almost ritually, demeaned and degraded women who appeared or worked on his television programs.

WPTV and the AP report on Trump's degradation of women.

The rage spiral Trump falls into is not presidential.

Talking Points Memo analyzes the dangerous way Trump's mind works at 3 AM and around the clock.

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