Friday, November 04, 2016

The Forces Hoping Trump Wins and How They Are Trying To Make It Happen

These are the people voting for Trump. Are you going to let them take over the country?

Trump’s white nationalist supporters are openly planning massive voter intimidation on election day… The Trump crew includes neo-nazis, klansmen and extremist militias. Is this how America ends?

The overt suppression of the minority vote reported by Politico

Vanity Fair reports on the White Supremacist groups suppressing the black vote to elect Trump.

Right wing white militias are preparing to overthrow the government if Hillary wins on Tuesday.

Reported by Reuters News Service

Nearly every newspaper in America has endorsed Hillary Clinton because they find Trump dangerous and unfit for office. One newspaper endorsed him this week, the newspaper of the KKK. He says what they think. They want what he is promising.

Reuters reports on the KKK supporting Trump all the way

The Republican Senator from NC suggests it would be cool if someone would shoot Hillary Clinton.

Richard Burr (R/NC) urges assassination of a Democratic president

The Trump ethos is one of hatred, abuse, threats, bigotry, bullying and violence. Do we have the courage to stop him?

In an ironic turn, Melania Trump says she would fight online bullying as First Lady, when her husband is an online bully of colossal proportions. Via Creators Syndicate

The cop killer in Des Moines was a white Trump supporter who was angry that the police wouldn’t arrest black fans at a high school football game who failed to stand for the national anthem or let him wave his Confederate flag in their faces.

The Independent newspaper in Britain reports on how this incident in Iowa.

In Mississippi Trump supporters deface and torch a black church. Reported by the LATimes

Another report here

The energy and enthusiasm behind Trump is called Alt Right, which means racist, white, male and heavily armed

Mother Jones reports on how the alt right is led by folks with high incomes, like Trump himself

Mother Jones reports on the nexus of Trumpism, the Alt Right and white supremacists

Does the FBI want Trump to be elected because they’d like to have the police state Trump promises them?

Reported by Vanity Fair

Reported by Daily Beast

How many of the FBI rank and file belong to Oath Keepers, the extremist group that seeks to nullify lawful government if they disagree with it?

The SPLC reports on the phantom law enforcement group that may (in my thinking) be behind the corruption of the FBI and other law enforcement.

There has been a powerful effort to block the will of the American voter by nullifying one president, the first black president, blocking everything he proposed even if the proposal was something they had supported previously when a white Republican proposed it. It's a throwback to darker days in our history.

The nullification strategy dates back to the slave states before the Civil War who refused to obey laws infringing on their “god given right” to own human beings as property.

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