Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is It Bias When Reporters Don't Balance An Imbalanced Contest?

TIME magazines' Mark Halperin seems to think that because Cindy McCain has had a history of drug problems and also had a habit of disowning her own half-sister, it was the press's job to invent something similarly negative to report about Michelle Obama.

Halperin seems to think that before a reporter reports an anger problem in one candidate (McCain) or a gambling problem (McCain) or a problem of disorganization or erratic behavior or poor judgment or recklessness or cynicism or hypocrisy or indecisiveness (McCain) it becomes his or her job to report something equally negative about the other candidate, even if it isn't true.

This is called false equivalency, and it's a bogus standard.

Mark Halperin seems to be calling for some kind of news quota system, a system of affirmative action on behalf of angry, elderly, indecisive, hypocritical, cynical, erratic, reckless white men. Just so we don't have an easy time electing a poised, young, decisive, coherent, idealistic, consistent, prudent African American.


Blogger Mberenis said...

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9:37 PM  
Blogger flmolly123 said...

Your last sentence perfectly describes President-Elect Obama, my exact sentiments. By the way, must tell you that Pasquino is one of my family names !!

6:59 AM  

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