Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Will/Could/Might Governor Pawlenty Appoint As Senator?

Surprisingly, in light of the scandal surrounding the governor-appointed Senate seat in Illinois, there's little talk about who Governor Pawlenty will/could/might appoint to fill the Senate seat which scandal-plagued Norm Coleman will/could/might win only to (possibly, sadly) relinquish. (Ted Stevens's decision was luckily made for him.)


Pawlenty might try auctioning the naming rights. For a few million dollars a year our Senator would be known as the TCF Senator from Minnesota. (GOP stalwart and TCF CEO Bill Cooper might favor this plan.)

Instead of using time-tested Pay-Or-Play principles Pawlenty might employ a newer, more "idea-driven" process to pick our new Senator. The one question questionnaire worked splendidly for Monica Goodling at the Bush Justice Department. Just ask applicants' views on Roe v. Wade. This turned a complicated process into a bracingly efficient one with hardly any red tape.

The third option, sometimes called the "Anderson Plan" would be for Pawlenty to quietly resign the governorship and express surprise and delight when Lt. Governor Molnau selects him to be senator.

This, however, leaves room for a modified form of the so-called "Cheney Gambit" in which the Selector becomes the Selectee. In Molnau's case, considering she has already shown the nimbleness and grace required to fill two offices simultaneously, there is the very real chance she'd keep the governorship and serve as senator too.



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