Thursday, August 25, 2016

Your Daily Trump-The Alt Right Explained

Trump has embraced that oddball fringe of the right wing called “Alt Right”. What is it? The Alt Right wishes George Washington would have declared himself king. The Alt Right believes democracy is a joke and our country should be run like a corporation, from the top down. The Alt Right believes people are expendable and discardable… everybody but them of course.

Explained succinctly and well by VOX

The horrible history of campaigns like Trumps that suggest people take up arms against each other

From The Nation

The "Make America Great Again" meme dates back to the days of Jim Crow and lynching.

From BuzzFeed

The old Trump campaign manager summarized at SLATE

The new guy's open bigotry and extremism explained by Alternet.

One of Breitbart’s bright boys is a lot like Donald, bragging about big charitable giving and pocketing the money instead.

So explain again why we are crucifying Hillary and Bill for running one of the most ethical and effective charitable organizations in the world...

How America became a nation that worships selfishness and greed, conned by the high priestess of greed and hate, Ayn Rand. From Raw Story

A mild satire on Trump’s potemkin fantasy which might result in the satirists imprisonment if Trump is elected

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