Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Anti-Hillary Hate Machine

The latest wave of attacks on Hillary are about the Clinton Foundation, which, contrary to the right wing claims, is one of the highest rated organizations in terms of its high percentage of donations that go directly to the charitable objectives. It does good work that needs doing, which wouldn’t be done without their efforts and capable direction.

Of course the news media feels itself in a bind: if they report fully on Donald Trump’s lies, bigotry, extremism, and borderline insanity without devoting an equal amount of ink and airtime to Hillary’s small or nonexistent flaws they feel biased. For my money I’d be comfortable if the news media were biased in favor of honesty, competence, moderation and sanity. I wish they would stick to that.

Politifact rates GOP chair Priebus's latest lies about Hillary.

SLATE analyzes the multiple falsehoods in the smear campaign against the Clinton Foundation.

Newsweek looks at the hypocrisy of the unending Hillary Email Smear.

Pensitor Review takes a look back at how the news media gave W and Karl Rove a pass regarding hidden and destroyed emails. The Bush White House was trying to cover up wrongdoing in its purge of insufficiently partisan US Attorneys.

The Hillary health scare nonsense:

SNOPES (the best lie debunker on the internet) debunks the GOP's rumormongering about Hillary's health.

CNN calls this obsession out for what it is, a nonsense conspiracy theory.

The doctor who certifies Trump’s supremely robust health is a nutcase who specializes in colonoscopies. Here are his Trump accolades ranked by degree of ridiculousness: DeadSpin gives a quick rundown of the ludicrous Trump "bill of health" from Trump's personal gastroenterologist. His photo alone is priceless. It's noted that Trump's doctor once tried to copyright the phrase "compassionate colonoscopy." Would Trump appoint this fruitcake Surgeon General?

On Buzzfeed, one of the right wing rate***ers behind the Trump juggernaut speaks his mind. Interesting how the Donald Segrettis and Lee Atwaters and Roger Stones and Roger Aileses, the diehard dirty trick artists, all seem to find a home in the Republican Party.

The sad fact is this wild eyed radical hate mongering right wing fringe is no longer a fringe. It's the heart and soul of the Republican Party. What does that mean going forward? POLITICO weighs in.

They swore to shut Obama down from Day One. They will do the same to Hillary. That is the central idea of modern Republicanism: make democracy fail, make it grind to a halt, make it dysfunctional, make people frustrated and angry at it, make people hate it, then replace it with a dictatorship.

The Alt Right is gung ho on this idea. They hate our democracy because it gives stuff to people with darker skin who live differently than they do. They hate democracy because FoxNews tells them to, tells them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, twelve months a year how democracy is an inefficient mess which should be replace with a sleek modern efficient corporate model called fascism.

What the alt right faithful believe is a con. They think a dictator would take dictation from them. They think the new totalitarian efficiency would serve their needs. Baloney. They are angry people who want someone to kick ass on people and make people hurt the way they are hurting, assuming a bully dictator would prey on people other than them.

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